Tuesday, November 30, 2010

S.T.Y.L.E ? Oh mine!

Sumber http://www.zuarxpdc.com/2010/06/cara-memasang-retweet-button-pada-blog.html#ixzz1ZDutWuHg Hey guyz.. lets talk about our sytle o fashion.. yeah,,.samting interesting rite? wow.. i get crazy if i can get shopping day 4 everytime.. but no money no talk.. that the word can make we r think n think it again b4before we have lost our money!~ haha.. yeahh,.. i like it..but wtver.. i still enjoy my weeekend wif my frend to buy anyting haD i see in my sharp eyes! woo.. sharp!? yes.. it called as S.H.A.R.P.. well! no wonder know if i can get my luvely things n my mum scold me bcoz of this! look.. u can c how i waste my rm300 in a week??? OMG!! now..n until now i juz to slow down my rutine to get de good budget..

New Graphics

make up?? yeahh.. very like.. even i not really can used it with nice..o i dont know how to manage it..

Waste of Makeup
New MySpace Layouts

n now shoes.. how u thinking guyz?? dont ask me back.. coz really like it as usually.. hahanice.. n make me more cnfident to get my hang out day.. ^^


huhu!! cool n amazing..... that all.. tenkiu = )

You Can Say

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